Some of Our Current Clients Include...

Cargill Corporation
Bunge Corporation
Exxon, Inc.
Kraft Foods
Proctor and Gamble
General Electric
Arcadian Corporation
Bunge Corporation
Borton Engineering
ADM Grain
Hunt Wesson Foods
U.S. Corps of Engineers
Georgia Pacific
Raston Purina
Morton Thiokol Aerospace
Adolph Coors
E.I. DuPont

About Us

D & J Metal Products has been in continuous operation since 1969 with a 22,000 square foot fabrication facility in Memphis, Tennessee.

Our staff is trained in utilitzing the latest products and technology to provide you with a time and cost efficient fabrication job.

As professionals in the industry, it is our goal to provide ongoing improvement of ourselves and our products to enhance a profitable growth future. It is our commitment to maintain these standards in order to meet and exceed all customer expectations as well as our own. These standards are our commitment to future growth.